Friday, March 18, 2011

Ready, Romantic, and Submissive Body Language

Ready Body Language

Ready body language is just what it reads as; ready for anything that may come their way. Think of a baseball player in the outfield, ready for whatever ball may come their way. Think of their stance, that is ready body language. Ready body language presents when a person's body is poised for action. The body will be turned towards the direction of where the action is talking place or where the perceived action will come from. A teenage girl waiting by the phone to pounce on it when it rings because she is waiting for her boyfriend to call is ready body language. A person's eyes will be directed towards where the action is or will come from as well. Their body will be tensed up and ready for action and they may be fidgeting with their hands or twisting on a piece of clothing or another object while waiting for the action in high anticipation. Children show their anxious, ready body language when you tell them you will soon be ready to leave to take them to the park or beach. Even if nervous about the action, such as someone expecting a fight, or a student getting ready to do their first solo performance, people will present with ready body language. Brides waiting to walk down the aisle and Grooms waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle are also exhibiting ready body language. Another example of ready body language that is less subtle is when a child is sitting quietly at their desk with their supplies ready to begin their day.

Romantic Body Language

Romantic body language is not just what a couple does when they are close and personal, but from afar as well. Each form of body language could have its own book, as there is so much that could be discussed. With romantic body language, one could easily write two books. Romantic body language incorporates everything from flirting to marriage and even break ups and divorce. Body language from afar incorporates all the different forms of flirting one does with their body, from batting eyelashes to how one holds their body to how one even preens and preps to get ready for the occasion of flirting. Romantic body language from afar can even include sexual gestures. In flirting looking for a possible long term serious relationship, sexual gestures are not a good idea, however if you are looking to put a little spice back into a marriage, some sexual gesturing body language can be a lot of fun. From afar, romantic body language can be seen from how one display themselves as well. Men and women may wear clothing that accentuates certain parts of their body they find more attractive. Men are notorious for displaying acts of body language when it comes to pumping out certain muscles to make them appear bigger then what they are such as when they cross their arms with hands under biceps to push them out to make them look bigger then what they actually are. If they see someone they are interested in, they can hold a tightened flex forever! Women are famous for sucking in the gut to make it look smaller then what it is and sticking the chest out to make it look larger then what it is. When using romantic body language from afar, a person will position himself or herself to be in eyes' view of the target of interest by turning their full body or head. Or a meeker person may only turn a foot towards their interest, gradually working up the courage to become more visible. A person may dance seductively on the dance floor while looking occasionally over to their interest to make eye contact, or the classic move, send a drink over to the party of interest. Up close and personal body language should only be done if you are already in a personal relationship with the other party. If you are not in a personal relationship with the other party, you risk having a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against you, if not worse. Close romantic body language is by far more intimate than from afar. A mutual comfort level allows the other to enter into one's personal space without the other feeling threatened. Close romantic body language can exhibit in a couple mocking each other's moves or body positions, gazing lovingly into one another's eyes, touching toes while watching TV, holding hands, massages, caressing, kissing, to intimate encounters and sexual exploration. Romantic body language when a relationship goes wrong can be a vast mixture between numerous types of body language and is far too complex to cover here.

Submissive Body Language

Submissive body language exhibits when conquered as well as to signal fear, but it is not to be mistaken for passive body language. Think of a lion taking a lioness; at first the lioness will fight the lion's attempt to subdue her and eventually the lioness submits. She cowers to his aggression and allows the lion to take her. That is submissive body language in the form of the conquered. In the form of signaling fear, a person may cower into a fetal position or exhibit closed body language until the perceived threat has passed. Some specific submissive body language signals one may notice are the holding of the head down avoiding eye contact with others while in public, widening of eyes to appear more innocent, much like the bright wide eyes of an infant, and attentively looking into the eyes of someone who is speaking to them that is their dominant. A submissive person will exchange conversation with someone more dominant then them, but generally they will always agree with them. They will make eye contact with a dominant person and smile; however, their smile will be subdued. Women tend to exhibit more submissive body language then men. Men, however have a misunderstanding when they think that some cultures of women are submissive by nature, such as Asian women. Asian women are not any more submissive than any other women. Their culture is different and they value their family and pride themselves in being a great wife and mother. This by no means makes her submissive.
Final Thoughts
Every part of one's body is used in body language. Each movement or lack of movement can mean something. Not everyone exhibits the exact same body language as another to express something, such as in greetings. For one it may be customary to kiss another on both sides of the cheek, but for another a simple wave of the hand suffices.

Some people use less emphasis with their body language where others can over exaggerate the same gesture. Some people require larger personal space where others are quite comfortable with others moving in close. There are so many different facets to body language, and one can never stop learning. By watching people, I am sure you will even be able to pick up more signs of body language being used than the brief introduction I have given you here.

Learning and knowing how to read body language will help you in all aspects of your life. Take the time to read a body today.